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New users can always login at asset panda from their main site here
Alternatively, you can also access the Asset Panda portal by clicking the button on our website labeled Client Login at the top right.


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Tim Morneau
Timothy Morneau

Tim Morneau is sole owner of Designer Services Annex, LLC (DSA), and opened it for business in 2021. He controls DSA’s routine business transactions and day-to-day operating decisions.  Tim has been an Architect and Project Manager for over 25 years, with experiences in design projects of all sizes and typologies. 

With Master of Architecture degrees from both Savannah College of Art and Design and Syracuse University, Florence campus, Tim has parleyed that knowledge into a career of Project Management with focus on detail and design intent.  His collegiate teaching experience provided Tim with a greater respect for burgeoning ideas and the creative mind.  Tim enjoys seeing what the future holds and how he can assist in making visions come to light. 

Tim’s architecture career has taken him around the world managing work at various scales and complexities while remaining focused on the minute details.  Working as a Project Manager at Gensler, LA for five years, Tim was exposed to a wide range of complex building design types including a ground up themed amusement park in Dubai.  Tim’s training, practice, and education have brought him knowledge of the inner “behind the scenes” workings of the design process and what it takes to bring it to a successful conclusion. 


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