With almost 30 years of experience in design and architecture, Designer Services Annex was created as a business positioned to meet the needs of professionals and homeowners alike.

Receiving & Inspection

DSA offers a comprehensive receiving facility for all your furnishings and fixtures.  Every item received by DSA is photographed, reviewed for damage, checked with specifications provided and entered into our database.  Clients have 24/7 (mobile app based) access to real time status of items delivery and receipt.  Detailed inspection and photography available upon request.

  • Our facility is managed by team members who are skilled in the proper receiving and handling of furnishings, case goods, artwork, accessories, and like items.
  • Our clients can feel assured shipping their items directly to our facility where we inspect and care for them in a professional manner.
  • Whether your project is a residential up-fit or a commercial interior, we have the warehouse space to receive and store all your procured items.
  • Receiving an item is the process of checking the shipping label, packing list, and delivery receipt for information that identifies the product for which we are about to sign as received.
  • During receiving we review information provided by the Client through our online inventory management software system to verify quantity and condition of the delivered item before we confirm receipt.
  • Upon receipt, if we are concerned with any aspect of the shipment as delivered, we will reach out to the Client to discuss, so they can determine a course of corrective action.
  • DSA provides a full loading doc facility to accommodate any type of item delivered.
  • We provide an inventory management software solution that tracks status, location, and dates of importance to better serve our Clients’ needs.
  • Upon item receipt DSA will take pictures from multiple angles and save to the items file accessible to the Client at any time.
  • DSA is not responsible for items sent to us without a prior agreement. 


DSA offers a clean, organized storage facility equipped with a loading dock and private conditioned storage areas upon request.  Items are stored in barcoded marked locations to ensure efficient project based organization.  Our storage facility ensures safety and privacy, including a motion sensored and video surveillance.  Short and long term storage options area  available. 

  •  After receiving and inspection service, your item will be secured in a storage location selected by Project or by type of object received.
  • We offer both un-conditioned and conditioned warehousing space that can be suited to store a multitude of needs our clients encounter.
  • Projects are easily trackable in our catalogued and barcoded private and secure warehouse space.
  • Our Clients can access recorded information about their items’ status at any time.
  • We offer both short- and long-term storage solutions.
  • Our facility is secured with video surveillance and motion detectors to assure our Clients that they are safe with us.
  • Privacy of our Clients items is paramount.
  • All inventory stored is tagged with unique identification barcodes that provide all information recorded for the item tagged.
  • Organized and clean storage facility


DSA provides white glove delivery for residential and commercial projects alike. Delivery services include: unpacking, placement of items, installation, assembly and removal of packing materials.  Pre-planning and site review services are available prior to installation.  Project Managers are available upon request for professional services of reading floor plans, guiding large and small scale moves.  All DSA employees are upheld to a high level of professional and courteous service at all times.

  • DSA delivery and install teams follow strict guidelines when accomplishing your residential or commercial delivery needs. With advanced scheduling and a structured delivery approach based on situational awareness, we prepare ourselves prior to the start of any project delivery.
  • DSA provides our Clients with personalized coding for each project’s items and ability to apply comments and install room allocations.
  • Offering skilled crew for white-glove handling and delivery to residential or commercial locations.
  • DSA’s Delivery and Install Services include unpacking, placement and removal of packing debris.
  • DSA can provide site assessment and pre-planning for organized and efficient delivery and install execution.
  • DSA install employees are courteous and respectful while providing a professional service.


A vision based on valued one-on-one relationships

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